INTRANSCOM is formed in May 2000 by the decision of Academic Council of KSUCTA on base of the Faculty of Transport and Communications.
INTRANSCOM prepares highly skilled engineers possessing deep theoretical and practical skills for the motor complex of different forms of ownership in the material handling, construction, road and technological machinery and equipment, as well as construction industry.
Director is prof. of KSUCTA Shatmanov Orozbek Toktogulovich (directorate structure >> ).http://www.intranscom.kg
At present, Institute has more than 60 teachers, including 6 doctors, 24 candidates and trained over 1,500 students in the following profiles / specialties:



profiles / specialties


Operation of transport and technological machines and systems

Automobiles and automobile equipment


Operation and maintenance of transport and technological machines and equipment


Technology of transport processes

Organization of transportation and management of road transport:
International cargo;
Inspection and licensing of transport sector


Organization and safety of traffic
Investigation and expertise of road accidents


Customs (on the transport)


Ground transportation and production machines and systems

Lifting-transportation, building, road machines and equipment


Machinery and equipment for environmental Engineering and Environmental Protection

«Organization of transportation and  traffic organization»
«Customs (on the transport)»
«Transport operations»

"Recreation, sports and health tourism and physical education"

 "Physics and applied chemistry"

Preparations are under graduate and graduate students in the relevant areas.

The collective of INTRANSCOM research contribute to the efficiency and reliability of vehicles,
reducing the burden of maintenance and repairs, as well as lower costs for freight and passengers.
Conducted significant research in the field of improving designs of machinery and equipment for road
construction, is a set of works to improve the design of transport, road construction machinery, to improve
the organization and road safety, organization and management of road transport.
Institute staff is trained on professional development (Russia, Germany, the Republic of India,
Kazakhstan, Georgia, etc.).

For a visual and qualitative education of students developed electronic training and methodological developments, which are animated presentations, tests, lectures and manuals.
The Institute has a strong educational-methodical and scientific ties with the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic, Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of National Academy of Sciences, MADI, TADI, Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication, Kazakh National Agrarian University, IISS, DISI, Kyrgyz State Technical University, Kyrgyz Agricultural University, JSC "KCD", JSC "Akzholtoy", The Road Safety Chief Directorate of Internal Affairs of Bishkek city, PLUAD № 1, Bishkek trolleybus controlled, MGATP № 7 in Bishkek, the State Customs Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Office of urban roads in the municipality of Bishkek, the Office of the road "Bishkek-Osh". Many enterprises have specialized facilities, educational and industrial branches on a contract basis to undergo training and practical training of students.
At present implemented the international project TRACECA - to create a transport corridor to foreign countries.
INTRANSCOM has a training and laboratory facilities, lecture and laboratory and practical audience, equipped with modern audio-visual media and new computer technology.
In addition to the major professions students master more knowledge welder, turner, auto electrician, mechanic, the driller can obtain a driver's license of category "B", "B1" and "C", "C1".