Institute for Innovation Profession (IIP)


Institute of Innovation professions (SMPS) as an independent structural unit formed in 1999 in the international activities of IIP opened new specialty and to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan made the first graduates to:
- «Assessment and Property Management "(2001-2002 academic year) -" Fire "(2000-2001 academic year) -" Expertise and Property Management "(2004-2005 academic year),
-« Unconventional and renewable energy sources "(2005-2006 academic year),
-« Design "(2005-2006 academic year);
-« Radio "(2006-2007 uch.g .);
- «anti-crisis management" (2007-2008 academic year).


SMPS structure:

  • Center for Engineering and Innovation (faculty);
  • Centre for Continuing Education (Department);
  • Learning Center foreigners;
  • Computer Technology Center;
  • Specialized School of SMPS.
  • College Institute of Innovation Professions;

out department SMPS:

  • «Evaluation and Management»;
  • «design»;
  • «Fire Safety»;
  • «Information-communication technologies and electronics»;

Currently SMPS is:
- a board member of the Society of Appraisers Kyrgyz (SMPS Director - Chairman of the Certification Commission JCE);
- a board member of the Confederation of Employers of Kyrgyzstan (SMPS Director - Co-Chair of the Board KRK);
- a member of the Association EDNET;
- a member of the Association of interactive teaching methods.
Institute of Innovation professions involved in the organization of the First International Congress of Appraisers in 2000 and the Fifth International Congress of Appraisers in 2006
Dean TSNO headed c Deputy Director N.A.Tusupbekovoy

Staffing Institute
The Institute for the four departments work 48 teachers, including 1 professor, 1 PhD, 15 associate professors, PhDs, one winner of the State Prize of the Kyrgyz Republic, 9 Honors education as well as professionals working in international treaties, of the universities of the USA, Sweden, England, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Australia, Russia, etc.
SMPS in the educational process involved teachers in general and producing departments KSUCTA. Among them, 9 academicians, corresponding members HAH KP, KR IA and AH foreign countries, doctors, professors, distinguished scientists, education and culture, more than 60 associate professors.
students to acquire the skills and the implementation of the necessary link between theory and practice, the institution attracts experienced professionals leading the industry: the rating agencies «All-star», the agency "Capital," real estate "Absolute", the audit firm ESEP Ltd, Gosregister Kyrgyztelecom, the Fund State Property Committee, Fire Service and other MES
The faculty SMPS was trained at leading universities in United States, Italy, Austria, England, India, Sweden, Hungary, Russia and Kazakhstan.
In Institute's staff teachers who give lectures and conduct other activities in English.
directions and special education
Given the level of basic education (school, college, college, university) SMPS provides training and re-training in 32 specialties, including:




Assessment and management of the property

economist appraiser

Evaluation and Management


Evaluation and Management

Crisis management






Tourism Specialist

Information Management


Appraisal and Property Management


production and examination of materials and structures




Fire Safety


Fire Safety

Software computer technology and automated systems


of Software Engineering and Computer Science



bachelor of engineering and technology

Information and construction services

Bachelor construction



Electronics and Telecommunications



and in those professions, which is licensed to KSUCTA training and are certified: 521604. Accounting and auditing, 552102.02. Organization of road safety, 620004. Customs, 521,501. Management of the organization, 521 605. The global economy, 550101.02. Industrial and civil construction, 550101.06. Heat and ventilation, 550102.02. Highways and airports, 552102.01. Organization of transport and transport management (by road and rail), 521 603. Finance and credit, 550101.05. Production of building materials, products and structures, 551701.04. Non-conventional renewable energy sources, 550204.02. Carriages, 553501.01. Environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources, 550101.07. Water and waste water.
Main achievements in scientific, educational activities
Institute of Innovation jobs implements international and national educational and scientific and practical projects, including:
- educational project "school-college-university»;
- project "Assessment of technical condition and value of the building GP" GP center on the use and maintenance of the state office buildings in the Office of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic;
- project "Research of modern property management approaches through the creation of an integrated database of available real estate in Bishkek ", the Ministry of Education and Science;
- project" Vocational training in the assessment and management of real estate "in the land reform project KR;
- the project" Development of textbooks for the course " financial and investment analysis of real estate "," land reform project Chemonics-Kyrgyzstan », USAID;
- project" The development of a single decision on the program of privatization of JSC Kyrgyzenergo " The World Bank;
- project "Analysis of the land market and the prospects for development of evaluation activities in Chui oblast", State Register, Bishkek.
The department "Assessment, Management and Tourism" and the students perform defend theses and projects in English.
protected in 2007 alone and prepared for protection in 2008, two works for the degree of candidate of sciences and two works for the degree of Doctor of Science.
< strong> Licenses, patents
For the first time in Kyrgyzstan, Institute for Innovation professions by developing national standards, curriculum and programs, licensing and training in the field of: "Evaluation and Management property "," Examination and management of real estate "," Crisis Management "," Fire "," design ", etc.
Institute of Innovation professions has certificate number 000026 of the Ministry of Education and Science, the international certificates new technologies, training, quality control, as well as certificates of ENA, EdNet, USAI D etc.
received grants
1. Grants USAID; 2. Grants Urban Institute-3. Grants of the Ministry of Education and Science, 4. Soros 5. Tempus.
Foreign educational and scientific links
Institute of Innovation professions working in close collaboration with leading universities in Russia, Kazakhstan, England, New Zealand, Spain, etc.


Rossi I: St. Petersburg State University,
Moscow State University
Novosibirsk State University of Civil Engineering


Republic of Kazakhstan: The Institute estimates,
Kazakh Leading Academy of Building and Architecture


U.S. : "Chemonics", "Wodrow Wilson Center"
Kenon and universities, Georges-town


Institute estimates


Polytechnic University of Catalonia