1. The ecology and power savings institute was founded in 1998г. for preparation of experts for introduction of national and international activity in the field of ecology and environment protection.
For training highly skilled experts at the institute teachers work professors, senior lecturers, senior teachers.
The strengthened training on computer and language technologies with delivery of certificates is conducted.
The director of the institute is professor, candidate of technical sciences Karimov Tashmuhamed Halmuhamedovich. He graduated from the Frunze polytechnical institute in 1982г. In 1996 protected the master's thesis on the theme: «Electromembrane sewage treatment from organic dyes.
2. The staff of the Institute consist of 77 teachers, 2 of them are professors, 23 are senior lecturers (16 of them are candidates of science).
3. During existence of IEES more than 800 graduates is prepared and let out who work in the various areas, connected by environment protection.
The following departments are the parts of the Institute:
1. Department «Preservation of the environment and rational use of natural resources»
2. Department «Water supply and water removal»
3. Department «Heat-Gas Supply and Ventilation»
4. Department « Chemistry and Health and safety »
5. Department «Foreign languages»
6. Department «Russian language»
7. Department «Kyrgyz language»
4. The Ecology and power savings institute is located in 2 educational building of the Kyrgyz State university of construction, transport and architecture by  N.Isanov.
5. The institute carries out training on following specialities:
1. Water supply and water removal
2. Heat supply and ventilation
3. Engineering protection of environment
4. Nonconventional and renewed energy sources
5. Preservation of the environment and rational use of natural resources
6. The organization of work with youth.
7. Complex use and protection of water resources.
Graduates of IEES, receiving degree of the bachelor, the master, the expert can work in the government organizations in all directions of industrial and scientific activity in international organizations, and also open and do the business with skill, in addition they get knowledge of an officer, a driving license and other certificates in the area of the educational center;
Work in high schools, project and scientific research institutes;
At the Ministry of Emergency Measures and in all ecology branches;
At state institutions and the enterprises of Kyrgyzstan and the CIS;
In structures of state EPA and a forestry at the government of the Kyrgyz Republic
6. Employees of chair of TV, ВВ, EP take part in the project TEMPUS «Working out master programs on preservation of the environment and rational use of natural resources in KSUCTA». In June2007 was opened. «The center of industrial ecology of the project» TEMPUS.
7. The main directions of Institute of Ecology and power savings is working out of technological schemes of engineering protection of environment. Technology of clearing natural waters and sewage; Working out of power saving up technologies. Workings out of treatment facilities are introduced in a national economy and they successfully work.
8. The institute is engaged in educational and scientific, project activity in the field of ecology and power savings.