images/stories/iad/logo.jpgThe Institute of Architecture and Design (IAD) is the oldest national school in the Kyrgyz Republic for the training of architects and designers of higher education.

Mission of the Institute of Architecture and Design (IAD):       

comprehensive training of highly qualified personnel in the field of architecture, urban planning, environmental design and design in accordance with the technological and socio-cultural needs of society through the implementation of joint educational programs and scientific cooperation.

* Goals: Development of mutually beneficial partnership with domestic and foreign educational institutions, scientific and specialized organizations in the context of the formation of a single architectural community.

* Improving the quality of methodological, informational and personnel support of scientific and educational activities;

* Education of a bright creative personality with leadership qualities, striving for professional growth and achievements in all areas of life. Possessing an innovative character, the IAD provides training for specialists able to combine production, design, research and business activities. The director of the institute is Halmurzaeva Gaukhar Baimurzaevna.

The IAD includes 7 departments that prepare bachelors in the following areas: Department of Architecture Department of Urban Planning Department "Restoration and reconstruction of architectural heritage" (RR) Department "Design of the architectural environment" (DAS) Department "Artistic design of products" (KhPI) Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences and Humanities (FSGN) Department of Descriptive Geometry and Graphics (NGiG) Classes of creative specialties are taught in special creative workshops. At the institute there are 3 computer classes equipped with computers of the latest generation, connected to the Internet; running student house models.      All departments have their branches in organizations and firms of the city, where students undergo training and production practices. To reveal the hidden abilities of students, the youth center of the university works. Students of the departments annually take an active part in university, republican and international competitions of the best course, diploma projects and take prizes. Students of IAD, already from the third year are invited to work in the design architectural and construction companies of the city and the Republic, where they undergo practical training. More than a third of students of creative professions participate in real design and earn money to pay for a tuition contract.