Department "Organization of the road traffic" (ORT)

Organization of the road traffic chair is a graduate department of the KSUCTA named after N.Isanov and trains engineers in traffic management.
Department of "Organization of the road traffic" KSUCTA was founded in 1999. Since that time Oruntaev N.O.  the director of Bishkek Road college headed the chair of "Organization of the road traffic" until 2001. And 2001, since that time professor Matkerimov T.Y. headed the chair until 2002. Since October 2002 Ph.D., a.d. prof.  KSUCTA Isakov Kuttubek has been heading the chair of "Organization of the road traffic".
The mission of the department is to provide qualified education for future professionals and the opportunity to be competitive in the labor market professionals in "Transport" both in Kyrgyzstan and outside of our Republic.
At present main scientific directions were defined and justified were at the department are as follows:
- design and development of multi-purpose mechanical means for repair, maintenance and construction of mountain roads;
- improvement of traffic management in the city of Bishkek and the regions of the Kyrgyz Republic with the mountain environment;
- the possibility of increasing the capacity of sections of the road network.
Important role in the implementation of scientific research work is the competence of supervisor, the department collaborates with leading universities and with production. To exchange experience in the scientific, works educational and technical direction Department collaborates with universities and high schools ofcis of our Republic. For example, in research, training and technical direction Department and with universities collaborates with the departments of transport direction of the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications, the Kazakh Road University, Tashkent Institute of Road and others. Teaching staff of the department take active part in various scientific conferences.
In accordance with the main scientific directions of the department research with state budget financing from the state is conducted supervisors of which are our employees: "Design and creation of loader bulldozer concern the dynamic loads acting on the metal for efficiency of work on mountain roads totaling  500.000 soms for 2 years, term - the supervisor, Ph.D. K.I.Isakov, "Development of organizational and technical measures on reducing the harmful effects of road transport on air of Bishkek" for a total of 200.000 soms for 3 years, term - the supervisor  PhD. A.J. Matisakov.
Department staff and scientists are working on various projects financed by international organizations:
- On ARIS project "Maintenance and operation of special equipment" (total amount 500 000 soms);
- in the project through the TRACECA "Improving the quality of training in the transport sector in the CIS" was (funded of 1 million 988 thousand Euros).
The approved staffing table for the department secured 14,25 staff positions, including 1,25 professors, 7.5 associate professors, 3,5 senior teachers, 2 teachers, 1 distr. Master, 1 engineer (teaching staff >> ).
The department is preparing graduate students and undergraduates.
The employment of graduates for producing department is one of the indicators of quality of training. For employability of graduates between the department and production the contracts about "targeted training" specialists are signed.
Students of our specialties are actively involved in social and sporting life of the University, and are Fellow of the winners of various competitions.