The Department of Technosphere Safety

The Department of Technosphere Safety is the graduating department of the Institute of Transport and Ecology of the Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture named after N. Isanova. It was created in 1994 to train highly qualified environmental engineers in the direction: 553501– Environmental protection, specialty: 5535.01.01 - “Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources”. Today we prepare highly qualified bachelors in the direction: 760300 "Technosphere safety" in profiles:

“Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources” since 2012;

“Protection in emergency situations” since 2014.

Currently, the Department of Technosphere Safety is headed by Ph.D., associate professor Berdieva Mahabat Turabaevna.

The level of professionalism of the department is provided by highly qualified teaching staff and educational support staff, including 3 associate professors, 5 senior teachers, 1 lecturer and 1 engineer.

At the department work: Professor Ph.D. Berdieva M.T., Ph.D., associate professor Kalchoroev A.K. Dj.Ch., Associate Professor Kalybek uulu Marat; senior lecturers: Dzhailokeeva A.M., Sharsheeva E.B., G.K., Egemberdieva G.A., Kochorbaeva Z.D., Orozakhunova S.K.; lecturer Lavrentev A.V. and engineer Kalmanbetova G.

During studies, students go through all the disciplines of the specialty, various types of training and production practices, participate in the research and public work of the institute. The department prepares bachelors and masters. There is a graduate school at the department, where young teachers and graduates increase their scientific potential. During the work of the department, more than 500 highly qualified specialists of environmental engineers, more than 60 bachelors, 18 masters were graduated, three PhD theses were defended.

The scientific direction of the department is “Assessment of the impact of production facilities on the environment”, “Development of a methodology for processing production and consumption waste” as part of the scientific direction of the department, studies of physical and chemical processes occurring in the solid and liquid phases of industrial waste with the aim of creating technologies for processing disposal, development of methods for assessing the environmental impact of production facilities.

Since 2000, the research work “Research and assessment of the anthropogenic impact on the natural resources of Kyrgyzstan”, “Engineering support and environmental protection”, “Ecological justification of the methods of water treatment and water supply in small populated areas of the Kyrgyz Republic”, “Studies of the efficiency of waste utilization in as a coagulant for wastewater treatment ”,“ Purification of groundwater from salts ”,“ Methods of wastewater treatment for potato production ” have been carried out. The department’s employees obtained patents of the Kyrgyz Republic for inventions “Energy-saving water-air lift”, “Device for heating rooms”, “Energy-extracting hydropneumatic engine”, “Device for burglar alarm”.

The objects of future professional activity of the graduates of the “Technosphere Safety” department are sources of emission of pollutants, energy and other environmental factors (technological equipment, individual processes, production and the territory as a whole), flows of pollutants, wastewater, exhaust gases, solid, liquid and gaseous wastes, systems for the regulation of discharges and emissions of pollutants, systems for the placement, processing or disposal of waste, including means and methods of waste itoringa and control of environmental impact. As well as emergency situations of technogenic, social, natural, biological and environmental nature. Graduates of the department work at enterprises of various industries, in regional and city departments of environmental protection and the Ministry of Emergencies, in the fire service.

Responsible person: Jailokeeva.A.