Department of "Economics and Management"

1. The mission of the Department of "Economics and Management (in construction) was designed to provide comprehensive training professionals economists - Managers, for the construction industry, covering all major aspects of economics, management, accounting and control of organizations, companies and businesses in the construction industry (external and internal) in the amount established state educational standards.
2. The increment of the economic, social, managerial, personal values ​​department graduates, teams of state managers, economists, managers, and the formation of a new national culture of management in the public service, local government, industry and construction companies based on different forms of ownership.

Goals and objectives

       The main objective of the department - to meet the constant demand of the market and society on the training of modern economists and managers who own knowledge and ability to apply them effectively in the formation and implementation of policies at different levels, mechanisms and implementation of technologies for sustainable socio-economic development of the country, regions and enterprises.
This goal can be achieved by:
- Increasing the intellectual capacity of the department;
- The development of the research base of the department;
- To improve the professionalism of the teaching staff;
- Introduction of innovative methods of the educational process, using advanced educational technology;
- The formation of relationships with strategic partners.
Implementation of this development is provided by the Department of the following tasks:

In our education work:
- Development and implementation of modern educational technology, to improve the content and teaching methods.
- Provide a landmark procedure and final control through interviews and surveys of students, as well as the introduction of testing in the learning process.
- Increase the accountability of undergraduates, graduate students and candidates for the quality of submitted papers.
- Development Department website, placing it training materials.

In Science work:
- Improving the competitiveness of the department as a leading scientific
School of Education in the field of theories, economics and management.
- Development of scientific themes and concepts:
- Economics, organization and management of enterprises, industries and service complexes.
- Marketing approach in management and marketing in various specific fields of economics and management.

Historical information

     As a creative community of scientists and educators united scientific school of "Economics and business management" has existed since 1969. It was a public need for specialists in the areas of economic construction, the planning organization and management of the construction industry and its units. The need for an engineer-economist felt like at Construction Committee, and in the design and construction organizations.
The first members of the department were Zakrzhewski P.D., Yuldasheva I.A.,Dzhunazakov I. D.
The first graduates were Narynbaev T.K., Sherbekova A.A.,  Atantaev I.A., Baetov B.I., Musulmankulov O.K.  In 1977 the head of department became Isakov K.I.  To the staff of department were included the first graduates of the young post-graduate PhD: Chernetsov N.A., Kalashnikova T.P, .Selihova O.P., Narynbaev T.K., Sherbekova A.A., Atantaev I.A.  At this time, attention was paid to mathematical methods in economics and was attracted Merenkov V.Z. In the 80 years Merenkov V.Z. fully moved to the department and led his team Gerasimenko E.N. and Bobrus R.G. In 1986 Merenkov V.Z. became head of the department, then the department chef were Narynbaev T.K., Sydykov K.S., Satkynaliev T.T.
 Competitive advantages of the department formed and accumulated over the years. This intellectual capital of all teachers, the result of co-produced and shared collective values, fusion of knowledge, experience, relationships and image.
    In 1982-1983 department "TSP" and "EUP" jointly created the department of "Organization and management of construction", which was headed by Atantaev I.A.
In the 90 years with getting independence of the Kyrgyz Republic in the new professions and the department has allocated staff to the formation of the Department "Information methods in economics", was appointed the head of the department Bobrus R.G.  On the basis of this chair was established Institute of Computer Science (INIT), which continues to develop on its own way.
In the mid-90s at the department "EUP" was formed and became an independent activity of the department, "ACU", "World Economy", "Management", which merged the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM).

Staff of the department


LIST OF direction, SPECIALITY, bachelors and masters

       Department of EUP provides training, and masters in "Economy", "Quality Management" and "Logistics" in the following fields and profiles:
• Economics and Management (in construction, legal provision in the economy, the economy of the real estate) (521,607)
• Quality Management (650001)
• Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

      The department carries out its educational activities on the basis of regulatory documents as state educational standards on, working in the field of curriculum, the schedule of the educational process, approved by the Rector KSUCTA, manual system of assessing students, conducting interim and final certification, evaluation of faculty chairs and ranking and faculties, the provisions of the faculties and departments, etc.
These documents define the organization of the educational process in all courses with an indication of the sequence and timing of, and procedures for the control of knowledge and a diploma that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Scientific research


                                                                                                 Responsible person: Orozalieva Bazira

Updated: 24.10.2019