Date of birth: 26.07.1969.

Education: Higher, Kyrgyz Institute of architecture and construction, 1997..

Qualification: Construction-engineer. Master's degree in "Construction", program «Theory and practice of organizational, technological and economic solutions», 2009.

Scientific rank -

Work experience: Total labor – 19 years, scientific and pedagogical -11 years,

In KSUCTA named after N.Isanov – 11 years.

Government awards: -

Work in Scientific councils: Secretary of the Scientific council of Institute of Construction and Technology,

Direction of scientific activities: Construction

Number of scientific labors: 90 - publications

Contact details: work phone: (0312) 54-57-12; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

       Mamatov J.Y. teacher following special subjects: Architecture PPPs, «Architectural design», «Technology and organization of construction», «Technology of construction of buildings and structures», «Engineering design», «Seismic buildings and structures», «Seismic transportation facilities», directs course and diploma projects.
A member of the Scientific and Technical Council of KSUCTA, heads of research topics: «The study of oscillations of different buildings in Bishkek on records tangible and earthquakes», sponsored MES KR. Member of the Academic Council of the Institute of Construction Economics and Management.
He has released nine masters. He is currently the head of three masters and three postgraduate students. Also holds a diploma of the MoES of the Kyrgyz Republic.
1. State qualifying certificate in engineering services and-1.1 № 013 991 (up 17maya 2015);
2. State Qualifying Certificate for engineer-designer OL-3.1 № 016503 (before 11.04. 2017);
3. State Qualifying Certificate to be an engineer to survey buildings and sooruzheniyPR-8.2 № 016504;
4. Certificate-«GIS for disaster management» - «Cross border natural calamity prevention in Central Asia» - Bishkek. 29 June -1 August. 2009.;
5. Certificate-«Risk Assessment» - «Cross-border disaster prevention in Central Asia», Bishkek, November 9-13, 2009.;
6. National Consultant - UNICEF-Kyrgyzstan - 2011.;
7. Certificate № 12-16. «Innovation in the field of construction» in «Basics MATLAB» Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, April 11-May 10, 2012;
8. Certificate № 12-35. «Innovation in the construction of» Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 15-26 December 2008;
9. «Strategies for the safe construction to reduce the risk of natural disasters in Central Asia», Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, December 20, 2007

The main scientific and methodical works
He has 53 publications, including 41 scientific and 12 educational and methodical character.
Major works:
1. Rychkov B.A., Mamatov J.Y. The yield of rock / contemporary conceptual positions in rock mechanics. - Bishkek: Ilim, 2002. , P.265-269;
2. Mamatov J.Y., ore YI Dilatancy of rocks from a position of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. - Journal of KSUCTA, Bishkek, Issue 1 (2), 2003. , P.47-53;
3. Mamatov J.Y. Shamshiev N.U., Sansyzbaev S.M. The condition of buildings and structures in the directed explosion at Kambar-Ata-2 HPP / Materials IV-th International Scientific Conference Science and Education of the XXI century. - Ryazan, 2010. SA-13-18;
4. Rychkov B.A., Mamatov J.Y.,The orientation of the slice and the envelope limiting Mohr's circles of rocks. / Collection. Reports. Int. Scientific wk. them. Acad. Khristianovich "Deformation and fracture of materials with defects and the dynamic phenomena in the rocks and mines", Crimea, Alushta, 17-23 September 2007. -C. 269-273;
5. Recommendations for calculation, design and strengthening of houses of adobe, adobe masonry in seismic regions of the Kyrgyz Republic. Ordobaev B.S., Mamatov J.Y., Kenzhetayev K.I., Kozhobaev D.S., Matozimov B.S,, Orozaliev B.K.-B.: Ayats. 2011. - 48 p.;
6. Construction of civil buildings I part (teaching aid). B.S. Matozimov, J.Y. Mamatov, B.S. Ordobaev, D.S. Kozhobaev, A.M..Misirova etc.-B.: Ayats. 2011. - 112 p.;
7. Zhergiliktүү Materialdary menen koopsuz үylөrdү turguzuu Mamatov J.Y. / B: Blitz. 2011. - 48 p.