Senior teacher of “JBK”. Ergeshbai uulu Arapzhan, was born in 1975, Uzbek, graduated from KSUCTA in 2000, speciality: "Hydraulic Engineering." From 2001 to 2003 he worked at the department “JBK” as an educational master. In 2008 successfully defended his master's thesis. In 2011, he enrolled in graduate school, passed the candidate minimums. In 2011, he attended fir course to improve the skills. Awarded with diploma for the active participation of students and the excellent organization and for the preparation of a theatrical event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Research and teaching career began in KSUCTA 2007 as a teacher of the Department "JBK”. He is  a curator of the group  ICC-3-09.
Ergeshbai uulu A., lectures on the course "Building construction", directs the course and diploma projects, conducts laboratory and practical training. Training sessions are conducted at a sufficient scientific and theoretical and pedagogical level.
Ergeshbai uulu A., constantly improve his knowledge and pedagogical skills. Course and diploma projects completed by students under his leadership, he has elements of serious scientific research. Ergeshbaev u.A, takes an active part in public events of university, institute and faculty.
Ergeshbai uulu A., continues research and teaching activity as Senior Lecturer, department of “Reinforced Concrete”, has deserved authority among teachers and students.
Contacts: Phone: +996(312) 545 641.