On 22 February 2021, in the framework of the project “Development of PhD and research potential of scientists of Kyrgyzstan (DERECKA)” at a meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute of Economics and Management (IEM) in KSUCTA N.Isanov the pilot PhD curriculum for the Economics of Engineering was discussed and recommended for approval.

PhD, Associate Professor A.M. Tologonova, project coordinator from KSUCTA, told about the plans of work on the project, about the upcoming seminars on the quality of educational programmes. The requirements for scientific supervisors are based on the requirements of the High Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic, which can be both internal and external, as well as an obligatory requirement of knowledge of English. There is no age limit for admission to the PhD doctoral programme. The basic education may also be non-economic, but a doctoral student with a non-economic background will need to take additional basic courses necessary for mastering the EP “Economics of Engineering”. At the same time, the level of education should not be lower than a master's or a specialist's degree, because According to the National Qualifications Framework of the Kyrgyz Republic, the specialty is equated to the master's level.
The responsible executor of this project from IEM Ch.K. Sydykova informed the members of the IEM Academic Council about the PhD doctoral programme "Economics of Engineering" and the developed pilot curriculum.
Z.K. Samaybekova, Director of IEM, Chair of the IEM Academic Council, supported the work of the team from the Institute in implementing the PhD doctoral programme in the Economics of Engineering, which was discussed several times in the process of development.
A.A. Sherbekova , head of the “Accounting and Audit” department, noted that there is a lot of work to be done to develop the PhD educational programme “The Economics of Engineering” and that the pilot curriculum includes elective disciplines that offers elective courses involving training in innovative methods and technologies in the field of economics.
Finally, the IEM Academic Council decided to recommend the pilot curriculum of the PhD doctoral programme "Economics of Engineering" for consideration to the Academic Council of KSUCTA N.Isanov