On 20th February 2021, in the framework of the project “Development of PhD and research potential of scientists of Kyrgyzstan (DERECKA)” in KSUCTA N.Isanov, a discussion of the developed pilot curriculum of the EP "Information Systems and Processes" of PhD doctoral studies took place and was recommended for approval.

PhD, Associate Professor A.M. Tologonova, project coordinator from KSUCTA, told about the plans of work on the project, about the upcoming seminars on the quality of educational programmes. Responsible executor of this project from Institute of New Information Technologies (INIT) A.Dzh. Kartanova presented brief information about the educational programme "Information systems and processes" and the developed pilot curriculum.
M.T. Zhaparov, director of INIT had spoken about the work of the group from the institute on the implementation of PhD doctoral studies in the programme "Information systems and processes", and that the presented pilot Curriculum was discussed several times during the development.
Several disciplines were included in the pilot curriculum from the curriculum of the Engineering Informatics programme of the partner university Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, so cooperation with foreign universities is the basis for PhD doctoral students' training.
A.A. Abdulayev, head of the “Organization of Safe Information Systems” department, noted that there is a lot of work to be done to develop the educational programme and teaching materials for the disciplines, and that the pilot curriculum includes elective disciplines that involve training in innovative methods and technologies in the field of information systems and processes.
At the end, it was decided to recommend the pilot curriculum for study programme "Information Systems and Processes" for consideration by the Academic Council of KSUCTA named after N.Isanov.