International Online Seminar Training: Presentation Skills for International Academic Practice within the framework of the European Commission Erasmus + Project DERECKA

In January 22, 2021, a methodological training seminar on presentation skills for academic practice was held within the framework of the international program of the European Commission Erasmus + DERECKA for representatives of partner universities from Kyrgyzstan.

The event was organized by the partner university of the DERECKA project, the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Germany.

The training seminar was conducted by Doctor of Philology, Professor Natalie Roxburgh.

The training seminar was attended by the representatives of partner universities:

  1. Dr. Makhabat Karagulova, Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture
  2. Dr. Abdybek Asanaliev, Kyrgyz National Agrarian University 
  3. Dr.Chynara Adamkulova, Diplomacy Academy at the Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. Mrs. Sabira Mustakova, International University of Kyrgyzstan
  5. Ms. Gulmira Karimova, Kyrgyz State Technical University
  6. Dr. Asel Eshieva, Osh State University,  
  7. Dr. Aziza Seitova, Osh State University,   
  8. Dr. Kenesh Dzhusupov, International school of medicine


Scientists, researchers, postgraduate students from Germany, Greece, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus also participated.

This course offered the opportunity to practice skills in Academic English in an international setting, examining the unwritten rules and conventions of international conferences, publications, and general communication. Participants of the seminar Dr. Makhabat Karagulova, KSUCTA and Dr.Asel Eshieva have practiced their English by going through the process of preparing an international conference talk, with the aim of both getting a feel for academic culture as well as becoming more confident in English within this setting. In addition, in the seminar actively considered the general questions about peer-reviewed journals / publications and other necessary practices and conventions, such as email-writing will be addressed.

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