Project: Development of PhD and research potential of scientists of Kyrgyzstan (DERECKA)

On May 28, 2020, in N. Isanov KSUCTA was held a work meeting with the participation of the Rector A.A. Abdykalykov, Rector's Advisor E.K. Boronbaev and responsible persons and executors of the project: "Development of PhD and research potential of scientists of Kyrgyzstan (DERECKA)". The project coordinator from KSUCTA is A.M.Tologonova.

Aida Myrzakanovna Tologonova informed the content of the project and the stages of its implementation.

Specific objectives

  1. Modernisation of existing PhD studies and development of new PhD programs compliant with EU standards
  2. Enhancing research competences of academic staff and building innovative research expertise in Kyrgyzstan
  3. Improvement of administration of governing PhD programmes
  4. Promotion of PhD culture amongst Academia, stakeholders and wider society in Kyrgyzstan

Expected short term impact of the project

  1. Enhanced English language knowledge of 20 teachers and 20 trained trainers from target Universities
  2. Published state-of-the art of PhD developments in KG and EU
  3. Published Practical Guide in Supervision of PhD students
  4. Updated professional competences of 10 teachers from each target University
  5. 2 newly introduced PhD programmes
  6. 2 roundtables conducted at national level on PhD programmes
  7. Equipped laboratory at KSUCTA

Expected long term impact of the project

  1. Increased & improved educational and research capacities of KG Universities
  2. Grown cooperation and networking between EU and KG Universities
  3. Better quality of teaching and supervising PhD students in KG Universities
  4. Increased academic mobility between EU and KG Universities
  5. Widen acceptance of PhD system in KG 

Project implementation period from 15.01.2020 - 14.01.2023

The maximum grant contribution of Erasmus + to the project for the agreed period covered by the Grant Agreement is 998.655 euros.

Partners from Kyrgyzstan:
– International Higher School of Medicine (Kyrgyzstan)
– Kyrgyz State Technical University named after Razzakov I. (Kyrgyzstan)
– Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture (Kyrgyzstan)
– Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic named after K. Dikambaev (Kyrgyzstan)
– Kyrgyz National Agrarian University (Kyrgyzstan)
– Osh State University (Kyrgyzstan)

Foreign partners:
– Brunel University of London (UK)
– Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
– ECM space technologies GmbH (Germany)
– Vilnius Technical University named after Gediminas (Lithuania)

Recall that KSUCTA has an extensive experience in implementing international projects: