N. Isanov Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture ANNOUNCES RECEIVING DOCUMENTS AND COMPETITION for training in magistracy on 2015-2016 academic year in the following directions and master's programs:

750500 - Construction:

Technical maintenance and reconstruction of buildings and structures;
River and underground waterworks;
The technology of building materials, products and structures;
Organization of construction and property management;
Theory and design of buildings and structures;
Sewage and wastewater treatment;
Water supply and drainage of industrial civil buildings and facilities;
Theory and practice of organizational and technological and economic decisions;
Architectural and structural design principles in specific conditions;
Systems of microclimate of buildings and structures;
Renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings;
Design, construction and operation of plants of railways;
Design, construction and maintenance of roads;
Artificial structures on the roads;
Surveying: systems analysis and administration of land and property complex;
Development and expertise in investment, construction and operational activities;
Forensic building technical expertise and value of real estate;
510200 - Applied Mathematics and Computer Science:
520500 - Cartography and Geoinformatics
531200 - Computer linguistics:
Computational linguistics;
Linguistic expertise;
Media linguistics;
Intercultural communication theory and practice of technical translation;
Intercultural communication theory and practice of teaching foreign languages in technical universities;
Intercultural communications and automated system of translation;
580100 - Economics:
Economics and business management;
Accounting, analysis and audit;
World economy;
580200 - Management:
580500 - Business Informatics
590100 - Information Security:
620100 - Surveying and Remote Sensing:
Remote Sensing
620200 - Land and inventories:
670100 - Land transport and technological machines and systems:
Hoisting-and-transport, building and road machines and equipment;
670200 - Operation of transport and technological machines and systems:
Technical operation of transport and technological machines and systems;
670300 - Technology of transport processes:
Organization and traffic safety;
Organization of transportation and transport management;
Organization of transport and management in railway transport;
690200 - Radio engineering
710100 - Computer Science and Engineering
710200 - Information Systems and Technology
710300 - Applied Informatics:
750100 - Architecture:
Design Architecture and urban facilities;
Methods of architectural and educational activities;
Formation of architectural and urban environment;
760300 - Techno sphere safety:
Industrial ecology and rational use of natural resources;
760100 - Environmental Engineering and Water Management:
Environmental Engineering;
The project Tempus - interoperability, security and certification in international rail transport.

Plan to receive state educational grants (BUDGET):

750100 - Architecture - 5 seats;
590101 - Information Security - 5;
510201 - Applied Mathematics and Computer Science - 5;
750500 - Construction - 15;
670300 - Technology of transport processes - 5.

The list of documents for admission to the Masters:

1. a statement addressed to the Rector with the visa of  head of department, scientific advisor, head of the department of postgraduate study, resolution of the rector;
2. Photo 3x4 - 3 pcs .;
3. The extract from the minutes of the meeting of the department and recommendations for receipt in magistracy
4. copy of the passport;
5. copy of the diploma with the application. (All documents in the folder with a cover sheet).

Education is conducted on a contractual and budgetary basis.

Foreign citizens, including CIS citizens are received on a contractual basis.
The length of master's degree full-time education is:
2 years, on the basis of basic higher education, confirmed by awarding the academic degree of "specialist" or "bachelor" in the same direction.
Submission of documents to the magistracy is carried out in the period from July 01 to August 15, 2015 Entrance examinations from September 1, 2015


Address: Bishkek, Maldybaev str., 34 b, KSUCTA 2nd  building, room. 2/213, post-graduate and graduate department, tel. 56-97-45