Manas Resources Limited

  • Overview of the graduate program

The Graduate Program is aimed to be a very valuable and enriching experience for the graduates joining our team. This experience is intended to help the interns to obtain a permanent employment within Manas Resources Company. The team is looking for a high - quality and enthusiastic support from program candidates with excellent leadership and communication skills, strong technical knowledge, and ability to quickly adapt to new projects/assignments. Interns are employed by and are subject to the terms and conditions of the Graduate Program.

  • Management

 2.1. Who is graduate program candidate?
Candidates who have graduated within one year with a degree, diploma or certificate from post secondary institution are given preference. Patents and publications are also valued.
The ideal candidate will be a self-starter with strong interpersonal skills who is well organized, attentive to detail, and willing to participate in a variety of tasks as needed.
2.2. Job description
Each intern position will be subject of a clear job description (Internship duties vary). The tasks of the intern will be relevant, within his competencies and in compliance with the job description. A flexible, cooperative, problem-solving attitude is necessary. Graduates of technical universities will have a rotational internship at environmental, project engineering, project procurement, and project controls departments.

2.3. Contract
A contract between the company and the intern will be established including the job description and the present document.

2.4. Supervision
The intern supervisor will closely follow the work of the intern during his assignment. The intern supervisor will be responsible for:
·Providing guidance and support to the intern
·Ensuring the respect of the Terms of Reference/job description
·Ensuring a high-quality experience for the intern by including him in relevant activities and giving him responsibilities
·Conducting a mid-term and final appraisal

2.5. Assessment
The intern will have a formal review with his supervisor midway through. This will be an opportunity for both the intern and the supervisor to look through the objectives achieved and the future improvements/adjustments. A final appraisal will be conducted at the end of the internship. The supervisor will write a recommendation letter for the intern upon his request.

  • Terms and conditions


3.1. Rotational system
Graduate program candidates can experience numerous areas of Manas Resources’ activities and be fully supported moving around the company activities to experience different areas. Each rotation provides with an opportunity to gain and develop new skills, and to contribute to the policy, program and corporate aims of the department while letting interns see a wide spectrum of the departmental activities.
3.2. Benefits
Program interns will receive monthly salary to cover lunch and transportation costs.

3.3.Further employment opportunity:
The candidates will be given an opportunity to choose a suitable career path with the company to become a Junior Specialist in the chosen sphere upon program completion. However, it is worth mentioning that in order to become a Junior Specialist, program finalists are obliged to go through recruitment process as it normally goes for any vacancy announcement within the company.

3.4. Working hours
The normal Manas Resources work-day is 8 hours, with 40 hours being a normal workweek (full-time) (lunch break excluded). Staff should normally be present between 8:00 am and 17:00 pm.
The interns will be hired on a 100% basis and follow the common terms on working hours.

3.5. Sick leave and absence during working hours
The intern may submit his or her own written sick note up to three days of absence. Should the sick leave lasts longer than three working days; the employee must submit a doctor’s certificate. Such a note shall include the period of the sick leave and the date of return to work. All absence during working hours should be agreed upon by the immediate supervisor.

3.6. Insurances
Insurance issue for graduate program interns refers to the general establishments: private health insurance is compulsory under the law of Kyrgyz Republic as a form of government social insurance. Wherefore the company as an employer makes contributions equal to 2% of resident workers’ payroll (does not refer to foreign employees) in accordance with the statutory order, and therefore local employees of the company can get to the social fund Social Security card.
3.7. Office space
Manas Resources will provide the intern with essential equipment to work efficiently: namely, computer, computer desk, landline phone, access to printer and basic stationery.


3.8. Code of Conduct
All the interns commit themselves to respecting the Manas Resources code of conduct attached to the contract.

3.9. Termination of contract
The intern wishing to resign should do so in written to his supervisor. Termination notice is a minimum of 2 weeks.

  • Deadline

Deadline for submitting your application is until September, 27th. Contact Jannat Nyshanova in order to receive application form via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We do not guarantee every candidate a response and do not guarantee an employment.