On May 29, 2013 in  IAaD  the competition "The Student against Corruption" held on two nominations is complete:   the best poster, the best essay.   36 students took part in competition.

    Having considered works the commission I awarded: 
                   according to posters: 
1- place - Nurkulova Asel, gr ACD-2-11 for the poster "Corruption of Feet", the
2- place - Kunakunov Zhanybek, gr ARC-2-11 for the poster "KGUSTA without Corruption",
3 -place - Kubatbekov Nasip, gr ACD-1-11 for the poster "Choice in Our Hands",
prize for originality Malikova Ayzhan, gr ACD-2-11 "A corruption mimicry",

according to the essay:
1 place – Musaev Nurzhamal, gr SCSaT-1-09 "My reflections about corruption",
2 place – Isakov Izat, gr ARC -2-12 " Students against corruption ",
3 place – Koychumanova Akylay, gr OYD-1-11 "Students against corruption".

Prize-winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.

Information prepared by the teacher. IAaD : Assoc. Y. Omurov,
Art. teacher .Ch. Syrymbetovа