8.05. Memorandum signing between KSUCTA of N.Isanova and company "ProDVD" (Republic Korea) about cooperation in scientific, educational and in development of industry IT of technologies 2013 has taken place. And also the seminar on a theme is held: «Development IT - technologies in Asia».

Seminar and procedure of signing of the memorandum rector KSUCTA  it has opened N.Isanova professor Abdykalykov A.A. Compan «ProDVD» its general director - doctor Denni Z. Cho represented, it has resulted the analysis of development ICT of technologies in the Asian countries and has especially underlined contribution ICT of technologies to economy. 
From partners from republic Korea have acted c as reports - professor D.H.Kim of university Konkuk (Seoul, Republic Korea), and also the representative of the national research centre doctor S.S.Kim
Prof. D.H.Kim in the report has stated the basic concept of training
On ICT  to technologies at university Konkuk where especially the great value is given orientation to practice.
Doctor S.S.Kim has presented some aspects of remote training and its prospects.
Our partners basically are focused on working out of mobile appendices for device and on the Internet programming. In these areas claimed for today and integration of educational programs it will be unconditional to promote both to improvement of professional skill for students,  teaching structure and preparation of competent experts on it is information to communication technologies.

Head of department «Information systems and technologies»  Toroev A.A.