The Graphic and Web Designing program filled the gap in our education. It provided an excellent opportunity to obtain the knowledge of contemporary   IT technologies and to reacquaint ourselves with the teaching materials which comply with international standards. We also had chance to see the diversity of traditions and multicultural atmosphere of India we hope the knowledge we gained in India will help us to renovative our teaching practice!

Aptech and ITEC/SCAAP
The Ministry of External Affairs - Govt. of India, has just entrusted Aptech to provide quality IT, Multimedia and Language training to participants across the globe.
Aptech limited, a Global Learning Solutions Company, is playing a key role in helping individuals, organizations and nations adapt to the changing requirements of a knowledge-driven world.
Aptech has conducted many courses for the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation(ITEC) / Special Commonwealth African assistance Programme (SCAAP) participants from 159 countries in Asia, East Europe(including former USSR), Central Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean as well as Pacific and Small Island countries are invited to share in the Indian developmental experience in various fields.
Courses offered: Certificate of Proficiency in Graphic and Web Designing.
Duration-12 weeks from 03.01.2013 to 27.03.2013
Aim and Objective of Course: This course prepares the student with skills to design interactive, rich and eye catching animated Web sites, host and maintain them.


  1. Concepts of Multimedia and Internet
  2. Web designing Concepts
  3. Image Magic with Photoshop
  4. Designing Web pages with HTML
  5. Designing Web pages with CSS
  6. Developing Interactive Web pages using JavaScript
  7. Web animation with Flash
  8. Web weaver with Dreamweaver
  9. Project

Group photo "Graphic and Web Design"

Vice President Aptech Ltd. Sonia Narula and Shahriza Kachieva (Department of Computer linguistics, INIT)

Vice President Aptech Ltd. Sonia Narula and Lilia Abdieva (Department of Applied mathematics and computer science, INIT)

Vice President Aptech Ltd. Sonia Narula and Kairgul Abdraimova (Department of Information systems and technologies, INIT)

Vice President Aptech Ltd. Sonia Narula and Aizat Abdyshova (Department of Intercultural communications and automated systemы of translations, INIT)