Department "Production of building materials, products and structures"

02.12.2020, an expanded meeting of the teaching staff was organized and held at the Department of PESMIK with the participation of stakeholders in the educational program of the profiles “Production of building materials for products and structures” and “Expertise and property management” with the aim of expanding cooperation with employers and improving the relationship between all participants in OP stakeholders.

The chief engineer of LLC Azost Housebuilding Service E.M. was invited. Oparin. and the head of the lab. S. Zh. Melibaev, Leading Specialist of Bishkekglavarchitecture T. T. Amirov, Leading Specialist of the State Agency for Land Resources under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, Department of Real Estate Registration and Information Technology Division, Turgunaly uulu Tilek, Deputy. Directors of OSU SMU -3 Sartbaev Sh.Zh., director of OSOO “” A. Abdykadyrov, as well as graduate students, undergraduates, students, representatives of the parent committee.
The meeting discussed the content of the educational program, problems and prospects for the development of cooperation of the department with employers. During the discussion of the implementation of a practice-oriented education system, undergraduates and students asked questions of interest to the meeting participants.

In turn, the employers expressed their gratitude for the willingness to cooperate in the future, as well as to send their proposals to improve the cooperation process, in particular on making changes to the content of the EP as a whole.