Boronbaev Erkin Kaparovich

Rector’s advisor, Coordinator on International Relations, Programs and Investments», Full Dr, Prof.

Боронбаев Эркин Капарович

Boronbaev Erkin is a Russia Federation professor, the Educational Deserved Worker of Kyrgyz Republic. He has been working on the Educational Innovations/Management/ Monitoring and Assessment; Bachelor/Master/PhD programs/Curricula/Syllabuses/ Teaching materials development. He has more then 130 scientific publications. He is an author of the substantial monograph “Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings: Background, Theory, Practice” (on 258 p., with the chapters Thermal Performance/Behavior, Energy Saving Form/Architecture/Exploitation of Buildings, Passive/Active use of Renewable Energies and Global Warming).
He was the graduate- and PhD-student of Moscow State University of Construction (former Moscow Building Engineering Institute). Many years he has acted as an independent evaluator-expert of the European Commission research project proposals; as a participant for preparation and implementation of more then ten international projects on energy, environment and education fields of the World Bank, EBRD, ADB, Bank KfW, European Commission TACIS, TEMPUS and Erasmus Mundus projects as a Local manager, Deputy manager, National, International Project-coordinator, Team leader and Expert.
He is f Professr of department "Heat-gas supply and ventilation", scientific leader of aspirants, PhD- and master students.

Contacts: Tel.: +996 (312) 56-14-86 off.; +996 (555) 11 48 20 mob.; e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

70th session of the UN Committee on Housing and Land Management and side event on Climate Neutral Cities. 23 - 25 September 2009. Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

L-R: The dais of the afternoon session with Tzveta Naniova, UNDP; Wolfgang Foerster, Vienna Regional Housing Development; Erkin Boronbaev, Kyrgyz State University; Susan Roaf, Heriot Watt University;

 Zdravko Genchev, EnEffect; Martti Lujanen, Rapporteur; and Edmundo Werna, ILO.


Боронбаев Эркин КапаровичOn 4.30 p.m.: Erkin Boronbaev, Professor, Vice-Rector, Department of Heat-Gas Supply and Ventilation, Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture.

The idea of Climate Neutral Settlements:

a reason for population motivation and involvement (in Kyrgyzstan).

Erkin Boronbaev is a professor of the Russian Federation, and an “Educational Deserved Worker” of the Kyrgyz Republic. He has been working on the challenge of energy efficiency in buildings since 1970 and has drafted more then 100 scientific publications, including monography Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings: Background, Theory, Practice.