Academic Council of KSUCTA n. a. N. Isanov

According to the state higher educational institution provision of the Kyrgyz Republic with a view of internal implementation policy on educational, scientific, bringing up and social activity, quality maintenance of experts preparation, primary goals solution of efficient functioning of all structural divisions the Academic council of the Kyrgyz state university of construction, transport and architecture n.a. N.Isanov is organized.

The academic council is a socially-professional managerial body of KSUCTA; its decisions concerning selection, arrangements, dismissals of shots, financial and economic activity have recommendatory character.

The basic functions and problems of the university Academic council are:

Annual and long-term statement plans of a higher educational institution development; Consideration of questions and decision-making on creation, disbandment, integration and division of institutes, faculties, chairs, other educational and scientific divisions;

Consideration of questions on opening of new specialties, their licensing;

Listening of vice-rectors, heads of structural divisions reports on educational, training-methodical, scientifically-innovative, financial and economic, educational and social activity and decision-making on their further perfection;

In accordance with state educational standards of qualification characteristics, training plans and schedules of the training process it’s approved, the list of subjects and disciplines of higher education component of the student's choice, the definition of the order of academic disciplines approving programs, individual training plans for graduate students, doctorates, candidates, as well as individual training plans for Masters and order to monitor their implementation;

Supervisors and academic advisors dissertations of graduate, doctoral students and candidates subjects approval;

Consideration of organizational and optimization issues of the educational process, implementation of efficient technologies in learning processes and evaluation of students and alumni in the implementation of educational programs;

Consideration of organizational and optimization issues of the educational process, implementation of efficient technologies in learning processes and evaluation of students and alumni in the implementation of educational programs;

Head of universities reports listening on the results of their work upon the expiry of their mandates, and recommendations adoption for election to a second term;

The basic directions of research and teaching activities determination;

Decisions to assess the efficiency of scientific and organizational activities of scientific and academic divisions and on the basis of solution assessment on whether their development or functioning;

Conducting of competitive elections for positions of faculty staff in the prescribed manner, department chairs, deans, heads of other educational and research units;

Review affairs of applicants for academic rank of professor and associate professor and their representation for approval academic rank in the prescribed manner;

Consideration of issues and decisions on granting sabbatical to complete the doctoral thesis;

Consideration of nominal award issues and state grants - of the Presidential grant of the Kyrgyz Republic, the grant of a name of outstanding public figure Nasirdin Isanov, founded for students, master and post-graduate students;

Consideration of ranks award issues «Honorable professor of KSUCTA n.a. N.Isanov», «Honorable doctor of KSUCTA n.a. N.Isanov», to citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and other countries, having personal merits at university in any area – scientific, educational, cultural, social, economic, information, etc.,

Contributing to its activities or act to growth of university prestige or well-being, scientists, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs and influential heads of agencies, organizations and enterprises of all forms of ownership, major public and political figures, prominent cultural workers, diplomats and the high-ranking persons of the foreign countries , who have brought the essential personal contribution to development of KSUCTA;

Disposal of legal proceeding about representation of scientific and pedagogical shots of a higher educational institution to government awards.

The Academic council formed in the:

1. The rector (chairman of the council), vice-rectors, directors of institutes, the chief of educational management, deans of the faculties managing main chairs, heads of other scientific and pedagogical divisions, representatives of a board of guardians, trade-union and student's public organizations (the given contingent does not exceed 50 % of an aggregate number of the Academic council);

2. Representatives of institutes, faculties and other educational-scientific structural divisions from among leading scientists, professors and associate professors selected due to hereunder council of corresponding structures. In total 43 people.

The Academic Council includes the heads of academic and research institutions, eminent scientists, art workers and culture on the profile of training, not working in this institution.

The Academic Council approved by rector of KSUCTA n.a. N. Isanov for 2 years in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic

(The order №1/167 from 18.09.2009). The chairman of the Academic council – the deserved educator of the Kyrgyz Republic, Dr. in Technical sciences, professor Abdykalykov Akymbek Abdykalykovich, the vice-president – Ph.D. in Economics, acting Professor Sydykov Kachkynbek Sydykovich, the secretary of the Academic council – Ph.D., Associate Professor Radzhapova Naarkul Abdrahmanovna.

On disposal of members of the Academic council before the termination of term of its powers replenishment of its established number is made, as a rule, at the beginning of academic year in the same order, as formation of its structure.

By decision of the Academic Council of university its powers transferred to the Academic Council of institutes and other structural divisions formed order set forth above and according to charter КГУСТА of N.Isanov. The Academic Council structure of ICEM, INIT, INTRANSKOM, IAD, IIP, ICEM are approved by the Rector of the University, Dr. in technical sciences, Professor Abdykalykov AA.

Regulations of the Academic Council, the order of acquisition of its personnel and replenishment in case of early retirement of individual board members are defined by the Charter KSUCTA n.a. N. Isanov.

Decisions of the Academic council concerning carrying out of competitions on replacement of posts of academic staff, elections of deans of the faculties, managing chairs and heads of other educational-scientific divisions, representation to assignment of academic statuses are accepted by secret ballot in the prescribed relevant provisions of the order.

Decisions of the Academic Council on educational, scientific, educational, financial, economic and other activities taken by open vote by simple majority.

The Academic council decision comes into force after its rector of KSUCTA n.a. N.Isanov statement.

Academic council session is held once a month on the approved plan of academic year, dealt with issues recorded a protocol signed by the chairman and scientific secretary of the council.

The chairman of the Academic council organizes a systematic validation of execution of the Board and informs inform members of the council on performance of the accepted decisions.