Тraining in magistracy on 2018-2019 academic yearundergraduates

N. Isanov Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture
ANNOUNCES RECEIVING DOCUMENTS AND COMPETITION for training in magistracy on 2018-2019 academic year in the following directions and master's programs:

750500 - Construction:

Technical maintenance and reconstruction of buildings and structures;
River and underground waterworks;
The technology of building materials, products and structures;
Organization of construction and property management;
Theory and design of buildings and structures;
Sewage and wastewater treatment;
Water supply and drainage of industrial civil buildings and facilities;
Theory and practice of organizational and technological and economic decisions;
Architectural and structural design principles in specific conditions;
Systems of microclimate of buildings and structures;
Renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings;
Design, construction and operation of plants of railways;
Design, construction and maintenance of roads;
Artificial structures on the roads;
Surveying: systems analysis and administration of land and property complex;
Development and expertise in investment, construction and operational activities;
Forensic building technical expertise and value of real estate;
510200 - Applied Mathematics and Computer Science:
520500 - Cartography and Geoinformatics
531200 - Computer linguistics:
Computational linguistics;
Linguistic expertise;
Media linguistics;
Intercultural communication theory and practice of technical translation;
Intercultural communication theory and practice of teaching foreign languages in technical universities;
Intercultural communications and automated system of translation;
580100 - Economics:
Economics and business management;
Accounting, analysis and audit;
World economy;
580200 - Management:
580500 - Business Informatics
590100 - Information Security:
620100 - Surveying and Remote Sensing:
Remote Sensing
620200 - Land and inventories:
670100 - Land transport and technological machines and systems:
Hoisting-and-transport, building and road machines and equipment;
670200 - Operation of transport and technological machines and systems:
Technical operation of transport and technological machines and systems;
670300 - Technology of transport processes:
Organization and traffic safety;
Organization of transportation and transport management;
Organization of transport and management in railway transport;
690200 - Radio engineering
710100 - Computer Science and Engineering
710200 - Information Systems and Technology
710300 - Applied Informatics:
750100 - Architecture:
Design Architecture and urban facilities;
Methods of architectural and educational activities;
Formation of architectural and urban environment;
760300 - Techno sphere safety:
Industrial ecology and rational use of natural resources;
760100 - Environmental Engineering and Water Management:
Environmental Engineering;
The project Tempus - interoperability, security and certification in international rail transport.

Plan to receive state educational grants (BUDGET):

750100 - Architecture - 5 seats;
590101 - Information Security - 5;
510201 - Applied Mathematics and Computer Science - 5;
750500 - Construction - 15;
670300 - Technology of transport processes - 5.

The list of documents for admission to the Masters:

1. a statement addressed to the Rector with the visa of  head of department, scientific advisor, head of the department of postgraduate study, resolution of the rector;
2. Photo 3x4 - 3 pcs .;
3. The extract from the minutes of the meeting of the department and recommendations for receipt in magistracy
4. copy of the passport;
5. copy of the diploma with the application. (All documents in the folder with a cover sheet).

Education is conducted on a contractual and budgetary basis.

Foreign citizens, including CIS citizens are received on a contractual basis.
The length of master's degree full-time education is:
2 years, on the basis of basic higher education, confirmed by awarding the academic degree of "specialist" or "bachelor" in the same direction.

Address: Bishkek, Maldybaev str., 34 b, KSUCTA 2nd  building, room. 2/213, post-graduate and graduate department, tel. 56-97-45