Today Wednesday 23-10-2019

Department “Heat, Gas Supply and Ventilation”

Historical information:
The department was set up in 1968 in the Frunze Polytechnic Institute. At the department worked such prominent scientists and experts as Boronbaev E.K., Abdyldaeva A.M., Surkov A.N. and Yablonsky N.A. Heads of the Department Associate Professor Anatoly Surkov, Irina Mironenko devoted many years of great work to the development of the department, currently the department is headed by Professor, Ph.D. Boronbaev Erkin. The department has prepared more than 1000 specialists; 10 undergraduates; PhD degree were awarded to Abdyldaeva Aigul, Toklukova Elmira; Doctor degree and Professor position were awarded to Boronbaev Erkin Kaparovich; the Distinguished Educator of the Kyrgyz Republic - Boronbaev Erkin.
The department Staff. Head Boronbaev E.K., acting head Tentekova B.K., professor Boronbaev E.K., Acting docents Tentekova B.K., Abdyldaeva A.M., senior teachers Bekbaeva A.K., Kolenova L.I., Mukhanova K.K., Orozobekova A.C., Soldatova A.M., teachers Zinin D.I., Zholdoshbekova K.J., Keneshbek J.M., Aytkulueva A.J., Head of laboratory Kanaev M., teaching master Akmatova K.M., Sydykov U.Z., laboratory worker Jakypova B.K., PhD students Orozobekova A.C., Kozhonov R., Master students Orazov D.E., Munduzova A.Z., Tashbayeva M., Zholdoshbekova K.J., Zhyrgalbaeva N., Soldatov A.M.
The department is proud of its best lecturer - Tentekova B.K., senior lecturer - Bekbaeva A.K., teacher – Zinin D.I., PhD student - Orozobekova A.C.,, Master student - Zholdoshbekova K.J., students - Daniyarova A. Rysbaev B.

Stuff of Department “Heat, Gas Supply and Ventilation”

The activities of the department. The department trains specialists successfully since 1968, bachelors from 2012 profiles "Heat, Gas Supply and Ventilation " and "Alternative sources of energy." Master programs were opened in 2008 they are "Industrial ecology and rational use of natural resources" direction "Technosphere safety", "Systems of indoor climate in buildings and structures", "Renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings" direction "Construction". Graduate student are seeking for the scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences, on specialty 05.23.03 "Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting" The Department has also opened a PhD program in this specialty. The department is the executor of a number of international projects. There is a computer classroom and laboratory facilities, equipped with modern appliances. Organizational and educational activities are aimed at teaching the required competence to staff and students. Many students are activists, athletes. Many excellent students became winners of Scholarships named after N.Isanova, D.I. Mendeleev and veterans of FPI Komsomol.
Partners and sponsors. The department is actively cooperating with the industrial organizations, and many well-known companies such as SE "Kyrgyzzhilkommunsoyuz", JSC "Bishkekteploset", Community utility "Bishkekteploenergo", LLC "Climate Technology", LLC "Gorproekt", LLC "Tissa".
Applicant and guidance of students. Graduates successfully work on leading enterprises in our country, Kazakhstan and Russia. Students additionally receive certificates of workers qualifications, and a student can work as a welder and assembler. Prospective applicants visit KSUCTA events such as the "Open Day", "Heart to Heart", participate in the Olympiad in mathematics, physics and ecology.