1Ensuring preparation of highly qualified specialists, bachelors, undergraduates and graduate students in the Economy direction, specialization "Accounting, the analysis and audit in construction" and "Finance and the credit" on the basis of modern educational standards and technologies.
Chair purpose: creation of system of educational and methodical complexes adapted to the modern requirement on training of specialists of the specified directions.
Chair tasks:
•  Development of a technique of teaching of disciplines of chair;
•  Formation of necessary qualification structure;
• Improvement of system of independent work of the student;
• Deepening and expansion of scientific researches in the field of accounting, the financial relations in construction branch.



                   The BUA chair is created in connection with faculty development "Management and economy in construction" in 1994 on December 30.
The purpose of chair is purposeful preparation of the modern diplomaed, highly qualified and successful specialists of the XXI century, bachelors, masters, graduate students and area of finance and accounting and audit in the construction organizations, the companies, banks.
The faculty of chair includes 26 units, including regular 16 people.  The structure of teachers with a scientific degree makes about 40%.
The chair carries out preparation of masters on specialization "Accounting and audit". In 1996 the first release of bachelors in the Economy direction with specialization "Accounting and audit" is carried out. Release made 28 people. From them 5 graduates with diplomas with honors were accepted in a magistracy which after the termination were a part of teachers of "Accounting and Audit" chair.
In the course of training the attention is paid to language and computer preparation, students, and as to teaching of the disciplines necessary for the modern expert, such, as "Bases and the principles of accounting", "The financial account", "Management accounting", "The financial analysis", "Insurance business", "Finance. Monetary circulation and the Credit", "Finance" and 1C – Accounts department.Chair.
The "Accounting and Audit" chair by right is proud of the graduates. Among them there are chief accountants and businessmen, teachers and talented economists, but thus all of them - the competent and vigorous people much doing for the hometown, areas and the countries.
For example: Toktomambetov U.B. – director general of the OSOO "Arushan" civil engineering firm:
KurmanbekуулуMirbek-BEND the May Day area the manager.sector physical. persons. ;
IshenbekуулуBakyt-of the deputy the chief BEND Oktyabrsky district. ;
Sharsheeva V. T. – chief accountant of OSOO "Kyyuramaks";
Sydygaliyeva N. A. – chief accountant of OSOO "Winter-summer";
Olzhobayeva ZH.K. – The Ministry of Economics and KR finance – hl. special. Department of methodology of accounting;
Turdubekova A. – financier of the Ministry of the industry of KR;
Akisheva A. – accountant of JSB Kyrgyzstan;
Dzhorobekov R. – the head of department of registration and licensing of the Gosfinnadzor and many others. In total it is prepared and let out, for years of work, chair more than 500 graduates, thus the percent employment makes over 80%. And each new release is a new step in the development, new date, a significant event in the history of chair and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.


Chair motto: "Together to professional tops".


BUA chair PPS annually takes part at the Issykkul forum of accountants and auditors of the countries of Central Asia "the II Israilovskyreading" and his members are:
Manager chair "BUA" Cand.Econ.Sci. of the prof. of KGUSTA of N. IsanovSherbekov A.A.
Cand.Econ.Sci. Murzaliyeva E.I.
Cand.Econ.Sci. Akhmatova G. A.
Art. преп. Sydykova CH.K.
Art. ofBegaliyev G. T.
Art. преп. IskenderovaA.Zh.
Art. препMoldokmatov U.N.
Art. препAsanov G. Sh.
Art. препImanbayeva T.
Prep. YsyraliyevaZh.B.
Prep. Abdyldayeva U.M.

Participated and made the reports in the International scientific-theoretical and practical conference "Problems and Prospects of Development of National Systems of the Account and Audit in the conditions of the Euroasian Economic Integration".
Conference was held on the following sections:
1 . Accounting and financial statements – the information lever of integration
2 . Improvement of the theory, practice and audit organization
3  .  Role of the economic and financial analysis in economy development
SydykovCh.K. senior teacher. "Controlling System in the Construction Organization" in the first section made the report on a subject.
In the second section I made the Art. reportпреп. Moldokmatov U. N. "A role and value added tax functions in tax system of the state"
In 3 sections Cand.Econ.Sci.,Murzaliyeva E.I. made the report.  on "Prospect of development of medical insurance in KR".