1x2  The department of “Computer  Linguistics and Intercultural communications"
Head of the department is Gulira E. Jumalieva PhD., associate professor. The department “Computer  Linguistics and Intercultural communications” was organized in 2001, as a department “Computer and Language Technologies” aimed to introduce new information technologies and foreign languages into educational process. It was organized and accepted students on specialty – 520502.01 Linguistics and new information technologies in 2001 and it was renamed into “Linguistics and new information technologies”.   The dean of FIT Ph.D., associate professor Japarov M.T., corresponding member, NAS KR, prof. J.K. Sydykov, Ph.Ds, associate professors G.E. Jumalieva, Z.P. Akjolova, S.Zh.Karabaeva and others made great contribution in organizing, establishment of the department and specialty CLICC.
The department staff consists of  22 persons:  associate professors-4, senior teachers, masters of linguistics -14 and teachers -2 and support personnel -2 .
Educational-methodical work of the department is focused to improve teaching methods, to identify and train students through bachelor and master programs.  This year first graduates on master’s degree graduated from the program – Linguistics. The methodical guidance, syllabus worked out for all types of lecture, laboratory and practical subjects.
Scientific direction of the department CLICC  started under the supervision of prof. J.K. Sydykov. Last decade, under his leadership successfully awarded their Ph.D degrees following teachers of the department: G.E. Jumalieva, Z.P. Akjolova, S.J. Karabaeva, G.M. Aidyralieva, and M. J. Tumonbaeva. Department CLICC holds the international scientific conference "Research and teaching of the state, official and foreign languages using information technologies” every two years and scientific articles of conference participants  are published in the VESTNIK, KSUCTA (2006, 2008, 2010, 2015, 2017).   
The department CLICC has scientific-research links with the Institute of language and literature NAS KR, KRAU, KRSU, the State language department under the President and others. On the basis of agreement between the KSUCTA and the NAS KR in 2015,   our teachers and students can work and have free access to the library and information resources of NAS KR. The contracts on international collaboration between KSUCTA and several European universities such as:  the University of Constantine Philosopher in Nitra (UKF), Slovakia, Belfort-Montbeliard Technological University (UTBM) in Belfort, France and the Technological and Humanitarian Academy of Biali, Poland and Chinese University Zhchengzhou were signed in 2011-2012 in order to do educational and scientific collaborative works and participate in the international projects. In order to improve Chinese language of students on specialty Computer linguistics’ was presented a class equipped with innovative technologies by the Confucius Institute (China) in 2012-2017 y.  
Staff of department has been working on improvement of their professional skills and scientific potential.  They  always work on their professional development: J.A. Beishebaeva Zwickau, Germany, 2008, 2009,2015,2016,  G.E. Jumalieva in New Delhi, India, and MANECA project  UKF in Nitra, Slovakia, 2011-2012, Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria (2013),  K. A. Ukueva and G.D. Bazarbaeva Zwickau, Germany, 2012, A.T. Abdyshova project TARGET I, UTBM in Belfort, France, 2011-2012, and New Delhi, India 2013,    G.Sh. Borukulova in New Delhi, India 2012, Kasymbekova A.M. Birnazarova A.J. in China 2013 and in New Delhi, India 2016. Such connections show not only their highest level and skills, but also the big potential of the staff of the department.
The department is equipped with laboratories: 1/202 and Kyrgyz-Chinese educational center –IC-5,  and CL-1,2,3  for providing educational-research works. It helps to hold educational, scientific, cultural-mass, sport-recreational events and to promote students and acquire business qualities with their specialty.

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