Library and Information Center

 In the center there are many available training, educational and scientific publications on the technical, construction, economics and humanities subjects. The university library has a rich collection, numbering about 300 thousand books and magazines.

 The university has a peculiar information atmosphere; new technologies are used as a tool for improving and integrating research and education programs. An electronic multimedia library "Alone with the world" and the computer reading room with non-stop Internet access are founded.

 Editorial and patent licensing activity

 The University regularly publishes scientific and educational literature: books, monographs, manuals, guidelines for students. They are devoted to certain disciplines, laboratory and practical exercises, course and degree projects and works.

 To be published periodical scientific magazine "Vestnik KSUCTA" and it is issued the university public information newspaper "USTA media." Patent-licensing office assists researchers and students in the preparation and presentation of application materials to the invention, and provides them with the patent and technical information for research and development activities.